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Advanced PPE Company is a verified ISP (Independant Service Provider) serving Central and Southern California.  Owned and operated by Firefighters here to assist departments with their NFPA 1851 care and maintenance programs.  We have built a team dedicated to doing our part in the fight against occupational cancer.  The health and safety of our brothers and sisters is our priority.

Our goal at Advanced PPE is to work along side you as you develop your NFPA 1851 Program.  Being Firefighters ourselves we understand the importance of reliable service, being cost effective as well as providing a quick turn-around time.

Why use Advanced PPE Company?

  • APC is a Verified ISP (Independent Service Provider).  The NFPA 1851 verification requires an annual procces that ensures our service meets the current standard.  

  • APC is a full service ISP.  We provide Advanced Cleaning, Advanced Inspection, and Repair services.  We will work along side you to address any of your PPE needs.

  • APC will work with all manufactures to address and anticipate your equipment needs.

  • APC not only works with fire departments, we also work with law enforcement, military, utility companies, race car industry and more...

  • APC provides in-house certified training and consultations with NFPA 1851.  

  • APC is a proud distributor of Citro Squeeze products.

  • We are firefighters serving firefighters.  As end users we understand the importance of a reliable service, being cost effective and providing quick turn-around times.

We’re part of the community and building a team that truly cares.  Our goal will always be to provide the highest level of service for the health and safety of our brothers and sisters.   


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Verified ISP

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